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Daniel PATAFTA ; Katolički bogoslovni fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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Already during his life, Butorac was well known and recognized historian and archivist. Purpose of this article is a brief evaluation of his historiographical and archival legacy. During his life Butorac managed to bond successfully his archival knowledge with his historiographical scholarly work, and this resulted with numerous historiographical studies, published in various scholarly and popular journals. Majority of his studies were based on archival sources, and Butorac had a special gift to analyze and present these sources to the
audience in a very interesting scholarly manner. He was primarily ecclesiastical historian, but during his work he showed interest in dealing with other fields of the historiography, too. Regarding archivistics Butorac was one of pioneers of this discipline in Croatia, and this is quite visible from the studies that he has published. In this respect it is important to emphasize his attempts to create the first Croatian archival reference book. His work on standardization of terminology in archivistics was also quite important concerning the
development of archivistics in Croatia. Moreover, it is important to note that his archival work on the organization of the archival series and sources greatly affected excellence of his historiographical investigations. Majority of the analyzed materials, which were used
in this article, is presently kept in the Archives of the Franciscan monastery in Požega.


Josip Butorac; historiography; archivistics; ecclesiastical history; archival sources

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