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Alma cittŕ di cui fatal impero / splende hora e splenderŕ secoli e lustri: the idealized representation of Dubrovnik in Speranza di Bona’s canzoniere

Francesca Maria Gabrielli ; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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In the first five sonnets of her canzoniere (Difesa de le rime et prose, TPQ 1569), Speranza di Bona (1536 - ?) - a poet of Ragusan origin, born in Manfredonia - offers an idealized portrait of the city-state of Dubrovnik. This paper presents a close reading of the aforementioned poetic texts and explores the function they perform within the collection, analyzing in particular the ways in which the sonnets comply with the mythic depiction of Ragusa promoted by the ruling elite, faithfully echoing, for instance, the patriciate’s ideological preoccupation with the city’s Epidaurian origin and the emphasis on its political and social excellence.


Speranza di Bona (Nada Bunić), Difesa de le rime et prose, Dubrovnik

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