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Banquet among the stars: Gnathia and West Slope ware from the Diomedes sanctuary on the island of Palagruža

Maja Miše orcid id ; University of Split, CROATIA, 21000 Split

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Numerous sherds of fine Greek and Hellenistic
ware found at the Diomedes sanctuary on Palagruža -
a small island in the middle of the Adriatic - already attracted
the attention of scholars in the field of ceramic
studies. However, most of the fine ware was published
in the field reports as a result of preliminary analysis.
The study of the Gnathia and West Slope ware presents
the first details analyses of two types of fine ware
found on this island sanctuary. Comparative typological
and stylistically analyses of Gnathia ware have
shown that the most common shapes of vessels were cups and jugs of the late 4th and 3rd c. BC of Apulian
provenance, while some sherds can be attributed to Issaean
production. These testify that sailors from both
Adriatic coasts visited the sanctuary. The rare sherds
of the contemporaneous West Slope ware found on
Palagruža could belong to the Attic provenance and
one Medusa plate belongs to Cretan production. Most
sherds of both types of ware belong to wine drinking
sets, attesting that drinking was main activity on the
sanctuary during the Hellenistic times.


Palagruža; Diomedes sanctuary; Gnathia ware; West Slope; libation; maritime trade routes

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