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The contribution of melograph Miroslav Vuk Croata (1930-2005) to Croatian traditional music culture

Katarina Koprek

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A great number of Croatian ethnomusicologists from the 20th century include Miroslav Vuk Croata – a collector of the musical treasures of Croatian sacral and secular folklore melodies. As a young collaborator of the famous ethnomusicologist Vinko Žganec, he continued his work: he retained a significant part of the spiritual traditional musical heritage from the forgetfulness – both in Croatia and in the countries where Croats (Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Moravia) live, collecting, noting down and sound recording sacral and secular folklore melodies. He edited and published the material he had collected during his lifetime. The ethnomusicological talent of Vuk Croatae has become prominent in the musical tales of folk melodies for various choirs of spiritual and secular content. What is particularly valuable is his contribution to the research of folk, secular and ecclesiastical folklore melodies traditionally called (»jački«) from Burgenland Croats. Already from the titles of these melodies the peculiarities of the local speech are noticed. His music anthology confirms the undeniable motive and musical connection of a large number of folklore melodies with related melodies in the homeland, as they reveal some thematic and musical particularities of the new milieu in which Croats live, keeping alive the folklore melody with their old language and old language with the folklore melody, or one with the other, thus preserving its national identity.


Croatian ethnomusicology, croatology, kajkavian folk heritage, secular and sacral folk melodies, language and culture of Burgenland Croats

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