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Original scientific paper

The Use of the Vibrating Electrode Method for Surface and Bulk Characterization of Solid Samples

M. Topić ; »Ruder Boskovic« Institute, 41000 Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia

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page 541-548

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In order to investigate the potential existing at solid - air
interface of solid samples an apparatus has been designed. The
sample cell does not contain any chemical referent electrode. The
influence of the cell itself on the measUired potential can be eliminated
by blank potential measurements of the sample support
surface. The design allows to apply a known .potential difference
to the sample surface so that the sensitivity and accuracy of the
measurement can be precisely determined.
Methods for measuring conducting and nonconducting samples
were developed. The equations analyzing the experimentally obtained
potentials for all the studied cases were .presented.
Special attention was paid when dealing with nonconducting
samples having a bulk polarization. It was shown that bulk ipolarization
·influenced the result obtained by vibrating electrode procedure.
A method for the determination of this additional potential
component is proposed.


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