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Dual citizenship (Croatian and German solutions and the Convention of the Council of Europe on Reduction of Multiple Cititzenship of 1963 )

Ivan Rožić ; Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Croatia

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Historycal, political and economic reasons have caused that the Republic of Croatia has a great diaspora and a significant number of its nationals have a dual ciitizenship. Differently from those countries which do not permit a dual or multiple citizenship, the Republic of Croatia will by no doubt on a long term accept a bipatridity.
The author in the article compares the Croatian legislation to the one of the Federal Republic of Germany which is rather restrictive in regard to dual or multiple citizenship. In the conclusion the author caveats that by the Croatian entrance into the membership of the Council of Europe, certain negative consequences might follow for those Croatian citizens who also bave a citizenship of some of its members, considering the provisions of the Convention of the Council of Europe on reduction of multiple Citizenships and Military Service of the persons with multiple Citizenship. Therefore he proposes that the Republic of Croatia registers the relevant exception whenjoining to the Convention at stake.



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