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Ernest Weissmann; Socially Engaged Architecture, 1926-1939; Tamara Bjažić Klarin

Melita Čavlović

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The monograph Ernest Weissmann - Društveno angažirana arhitektura [Socially Engaged Architecture] 1926-1939 presents the life and work of one of the leading figures of Croatian Modern architecture between the two World Wars. In this bilingual edition, the author chronologically traces his architectural career both at home and on the international architectural scene. The book vividly portrays Weissmann as a prolific and versatile architect with keen interest in architecture, theoretical issues and lively debates on the most progressive ideas in the field. The monograph also presents his entire architectural work. Some further research into Weissmann’s work after 1939 and his international career in the United Nations would round off this monograph and provide the answers to the questions that might have remained unanswered. It would thus effectively contribute to a detailed profile of Ernest Weissmann and his architectural career.


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