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Original scientific paper

Psycholinguistic estimates of 3000 words of Croatian: concreteness and imageability

Anita Peti Stantić
Maja Anđel
Gordana Keresteš
Nikola Ljubešić
Mateusz-Milan Stanojević orcid id
Mirjana Tonković

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This article presents the initial results of the project The Building Blocks of Croatian
Mental Grammar: Constraints of Information Structure, within the scope of which the Croatian
Psycholinguistic Database is being constructed. The database contains empirically established
values for the categories of concreteness, imageability, subjective frequency and age of acquisition
for 3000 lexemes (nouns, verbs and adjectives) of Croatian extracted from the hrLex lexicon
whose frequency was extracted from the hrWaC corpus. The article starts with an overview
of research dealing with concreteness and imageability, followed by a presentation of the
methodology employed in the construction of the Croatian Psycholinguistic Database. The central
section of the article presents the statistics concerning concreteness and imageability estimates
for the sample taken in its entirety, as well as divided according to lexical class. The results
show that both concreteness and imageability differ according to lexical class. These results are
discussed from the perspective of constructional cognitive linguistic theories.


psycholinguistic database; concreteness; imageability; lexical classes; mental lexicon; Croatian

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