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Why Was the Habsburg Princess Granted the Right to Rule the Kingdom of Croatia in 1712?

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This paper presents the new interpretations of Croatian historiographers concerning the so-called Croatian Pragmatic Sanction or Article 7:1712, promulgated by the Sabor in March 1712. The Sabor’s decision granted the Habsburg female line the succession right in the Kingdom of Croatia. Our focus has been on answering the question why this decision was made in 1712, instead of using the traditional interpretations of Croatian narrative historiography. The general interpretative context of this paper consists of two political trends present in the Habsburg Monarchy and the Kingdom of Croatia at the beginning of the 18th century: the early modern state-building process and the preservation of power of the Sabor elite.


Sabor; Croatian Pragmatic Sanction; Habsburg female succession; Lands of the Crown of Saint Stephen; 18th century

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