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Professional paper

MILAN MOGUŠ, THE ACADEMIC FROM SENJ (25.04.1927 – 19.11.2017.)

Mirko Raguž

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Amongst the thirty university professors and scientists from Senj the name of the academic
Milan Moguš holds a prominent place. His path through life "from the thorns to the stars", or
Kranjčević’s "from the nest to the stars" was constantly on the up. During his working life he had
significant functions in many cultural and scientific institutions throughout Croatia, as well as
further afield, and this meant that he was not often able to return to his dear birthplace of Senj. He
stayed here whenever he had the chance and whenever his people from Senj expressed a wish that
he visit them. He was a frequent guest of the Senj Town Museum, the Senj grammar school, as well
as the S. S. Kranjčević Elementary School where in his boyhood days he studied his first letters
and read his first schoolbooks. This connection with Senj’s cultural institutions over a number of
years is less well known to the wider cultural and scientific public, therefore, it will be the theme
of this article.


Senj; grammar school; Senj Town Museum; Silvije Strahimir Kranjčević Elementary School Senj

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