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Original scientific paper

Parliamentary elections in the Brod district in 1932

Ivica Miškulin

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The second parliamentary elections in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes were peculiar in many respects. Their greatest significance lies in the convincing victory of Radić’s Croatian Republican Peasants’ Party on the Croatian territory and it is directly related to the defeat of Yugoslav Unitarians and communists. It was best shown by the election results in the Brod district. Radić’s victory gained even more credibility since the city of Brod had become a stronghold of his party. In strengthening its position in villages of the Brod district, the republican movement led by Stjepan Radić won elections in the largest urban settlement of the Požega County. The victory of Croatian Republican Peasants’ Party (HRSS) on the territory around Brod in parliamentary elections in 1923 was won largely at the expense of the communists. As a consequence of identifying the Croatian people with Radić’s republican movement and in banishing them, it was them who were consequently defeated heavily in the elections.


Brod; Brod district; parliamentary elections; HRSS / CRPP; Croatian Republican Peasants’ Party; Stjepan Radić; Yugoslav Unitarians; communists; Kingdom of Serbs; Croats and Slovenes

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