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Preliminary communication

A prehistoric structure at the Bićine polje site in Polača (AB44) – a late prehistoric road?

Igor Kulenović ; University of Zadar, Department of Tourism and Communication Studies

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At the Bićine polje site, in Polača, at the foot of the
Štrkovača and Kruglaš hillforts, a segment of a structure
has been excavated that was made by the simple
technique of laying and packing gravel onto a previously
prepared surface. Based on potsherd finds, the
structure has been dated to the period of late prehistory,
generally in the Bronze Age. This structure has
been interpreted as a road on the basis of morphological
features and its composition, as well as analogies to
similar features.


Polača; Ravni kotari; road; Bronze Age; hillforts

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