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Original scientific paper

The impact of supply phase shift on the three phase induction motor operation

Aderibigbe Adekitan orcid id ; Covenant University
Ayodeji S. O. Ogunjuyigbe ; University of Ibadan
Temitope R. Ayodele ; University of Ibadan

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page 270-282

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The performance of a three-phase induction motor
operating under supply unbalance conditions has
been the focus of many research works using
various methods. Most of the studies have focused
majorly on voltage magnitude unbalance without
due analysis to determine the effect of deviations in
the supply phase angle from the 120 phase to
phase displacement. This research investigates the
significance of supply phase shift on the
performance of a three-phase induction motor by
applying a novel phase shift unbalance definition
to the zero, negative and positive sequence
components model of the motor. The test results
reveal that when both phase angle shift and voltage
magnitude unbalance occur simultaneously during
motor operation the effect of the phase shift
dominates over the effects of the voltage magnitude
unbalance. This study shows that phase angle
unbalance has a severe consequence on three
phase motor performance.


phase angle shift, zero, negative and positive sequence component, motor performance characteristics, voltage unbalance, phase frame analysis, three phase induction motor

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