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Preliminary communication

Displaced diaspora second-home tourism: an explorative study of Swedish-Iranians and their second-home purchases in Turkey

Saeid Abbasian ; Tourism Studies, Södertörn University Sweden
Dieter K. Müller ; Department of Geography, Umeå University, Sweden

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This explorative study aims to gain more insight into Swedish-Iranians' purchase of second homes in Turkey. The study is based on 22 questionnaires (19 of them from owners and buyers), field observation, and participant observation. Motives behind owners' and buyers' purchases are: other Swedish-Iranian friends/relatives bought there; cultural proximity; absence of visa restriction for Iranian citizens; geographical proximity to Iran and relatives living in Iran; economic factors, including the low prices and costs and investment for retirement; and the climate. The respondents are well-integrated into Swedish society and have access to different types of resources which facilitate the purchase, but they also show the potential to partially become integrated socioculturally into their Turkish communities. A meaningful proportion of them are seriously planning to live permanently in Turkey after retirement, but the majority stay there for longer periods or semi-permanently. Despite some limitations, this study makes an important contribution to the area of diaspora second-home tourism and to the field of diaspora studies.


second-home tourism; diaspora tourism; migration; Turkey; Swedish-Iranian

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