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Patricius’s Enigmatic Delivery through the Structure of Peripatetic Discussions

Ćiril Čoh orcid id ; Ulica Široke ledine 14, HR–42000 Varaždin

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This paper is based on the assumption that, in Patricius’s philosophy, the totality is analogous to the philosophy of the totality (philosophia universi), that is, to the work that delivers it. Everything that arises in the totality has its emplacement, its chora. Likewise, everything that is provided in the philosophical work must be given in its place. With the number of its parts and the mutual relations between these parts, Patricius’s work Peripatetic Discussions shows us that the work is very carefully structured. The number of volumes, the books and folios within each of them is not incidental. All of this points to the structure of the work according to Plato’s line. The purpose of the work is the assessment (censura) of Aristotle’s philosophy in opposition to true philosophy, that is, philosophy of Plato and his predecessors, their doctrines on the first principles and above all, of Plato’s unwritten doctrine of the Great and Small, and the One. How true philosophers are delivering these doctrines cannot always be direct; rather, it must be enigmatic in what is substantial.


Franciscus Patricius; Peripatetic Discussions; agrapha dogmata; Plato’s line; Plato; Aristotle; delivery; Great and Small; matter; emplacement; chora

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