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The Fall of the Dubrovnik Republic and the Organization of the French Administration in Dubrovnik in 1808 and 1809

Stjepan Ćosić ; State Archives in Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik, Croatia

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The new French administration in Dubrovnik was conceived by general Marmont and the Dubrovnik administrator I.L. Garagnin from Trogir. It financed itself solely from the remaining Ragusan government funds. Thus the Dubrovnik territory was formally recognized as part of Italian Kingdom, but in practice Garagnin was subordinated to the French military authorities due to existing hostilities. In the period of Illyrian Provinces 1809-1813 significant changes took place. At first, the French exploited the former territorial organization relying on the Francophil nobility and commoners. Its constitution comprised the central administration with subordinate local committees (Intendanza), municipal administration (Comunale) dealing with functions entrusted to it and partially supplying the French troops with provisions. The magistrates’ courts were established in Cavtat and Ston, whereas in Dubrovnik itself, court of original jurisdiction (Tribunal) as well as the appellate court was founded. The court assembled in three courtrooms for civil, criminal and commercial law suits.


Dubrovnik Republic, french administration, 19 century

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