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Ivo Perić ; Institute for Historical Sciences of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Being the first president of the Yugoslav Academy of Arts and Sciences and for many a year (1866—1886), Franjo Rački initiated the publishing of three remarkable source materials: »Old Croatian writers«, »Monumenta spectantia historiam Slavorum meridionalium« and »Monumenta historico-juridica Slavorum meridionalium«. For the purpose of gathering the material for these sources, Rački engaged a number of research experts in numerous Croatian towns, Dubrovnik in particular. Dubrovnik was the place where he carried out his own research work as well as several other members of the Academy whom he assigned to research there, too (P. Matković, F. Kurelec, V. Jagić, Đ. Daničić, I. Tkalčić). At Franjo Rački’s request and according to his instructions, many outstanding Dubrovnik intellectuals industriously gathered the material for the mentioned sources in the Dubrovnik Archives and its libraries (M. Pucić, I. A. Kaznačić, S. Hrdalo, P. Budmani, L. Zore, S. Skurla, J. Gelcich, V. Pasarić, J. Dević, V. Adamović, A. Vučetić) and so did a Czech historian K. Jireček. Although no longer the president of the Academy, Rački remained its most active member till his death in 1894. The edition »Old Croatian writer« consisting of 16 volumes of the works of Dubrovnik writers was published from 1866—1894. At the same time 5 volumes of the Dubrovnik Councils’ records were being prepared (»Monumenta Ragusina. Libri reformationum«), two of which were published during his life, whereas the remaining three posthumously. The citizens of Dubrovnik truly appreciated Franjo Rački. He was warmly welcomed in 1893 when a monument to Gundulić was erected and where Rački was present as a representative of the Academy. This special bond between Rački and Dubrovnik was also evident on the occasion of his death in 1894.


Franjo Rački, CASA

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