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Review article

On words of foreign origin and their terminology

Vesna Muhvić-Dimanovski ; Zavod za lingvistiku filozofskog fakulteta, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Anita Skelin Horvat orcid id ; Zavod za lingvistiku filozofskog fakulteta, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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page 203-215

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This article deals with terminology which has been used in Croatian for notions belonging to the field of linguistic borrowing. Comparing the Croatian terminology with corresponding terminologies in other languages, we shall try to find out to what extent these terms are acceptable, what kinds of problems appear related to the unevenness of their usage, and how the existing lack of precision could be solved. The terms conventionally used in this field of linguistics should necessarily meet the fundamental criteria and principles expected from every acceptable terminology system so we shall investigate whether these demands have been fulfilled.


terminology; linguistic borrowing; foreign word; loan word; loan translation

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