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Preliminary communication

Ways to improve texture technology reflective chromite ore of Kazakhstan

A. Kim ; Chemical-Metallurgical Institute, Karaganda, Kazakhstan
A. Akberdin ; Chemical-Metallurgical Institute, Karaganda, Kazakhstan
R. Sultangaziyev ; Karaganda State Technical University, Karaganda, Kazakhstan

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The article presents the results of laboratory tests on the use of fluxing agents for improving the sintering technology of refractory chromite ore in Kazakhstan. It is shown that reduction to solve the most efficient thermal process level through the use of fluxing agents having a low melting temperature and low temperature promote the formation of compounds in interaction with components of the ore phase. As an effective flux is proposed to use the calcined colemanite and basaltic rocks. The optimal cost fluxing agents, ensuring reduction of the thermal level the firing process at 100 °C.


chemical composition, chromite ores, pellet production, fluxes, Kazakhstan

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