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The ten Commandments of Biblical Psychotherapy Jesus Christ as Psychotherapist

Mijo Nikić orcid id ; Filozofski fakultet Družbe Isusove, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The Bible or Sacred Scripture contains the Word of God. In it God addresses His people such that, through Sacred Scripture, they might determine and then proceed to carry out the will of God. This is the Word of salvation and It invites us to enter into the eternal life. Even though the Bible primarily proclaims that the eternal life exists, it also contains sage and salvific counsel for our earthly life, for our spiritual and physical well-being. In this article the afore-mentioned wise Biblical sayings of the Old and New Testament have taken shape as the ten commandments of Biblical psychotherapy.
Jesus Christ is first and foremost the Saviour of the world, and the purpose of His work of redemption is to grant man eternal life. However, it is important to note that Jesus also supported many people in their earthly spiritual and physical needs. He healed the sick and gave to those who were burdened with anxiety a genuine peace of soul. Through His words and non-verbal communication he laid down the fundamental principles of a very effective type of psychotherapy which could and should become the prevailing tendency in this day and age.
The wise sayings found in the Bible and Jesus' encounters with people may be seen as commandments which, when applied in our daily lives, bring us peace of soul and soundness of body. We can summarize these ten commandments as follows: 1. Know yourself! 2. Accept yourself! 3. Love yourself! 4. Change yourself – convert! 5. Live by the truth! 6. Have a clear conscience and be as a little child! 7. Believe in God and give meaning to your life by accepting your cross! 8. Forgive others so that you can set free the power of love within you! 9. Be free and dare to lose your temporal life in order to gain eternal life! 10. Love God above all else and your neighbour as your self, and your fears will be dispelled!


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