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Water Sports Centre (Swimming Pool Complex) Rijeka-Sušak Designed by the Architect Vladimir Turina, 1949

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Ariana Štulhofer ; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Architecture, Zagreb, Croatia
Hela Vukadin-Doronjga ; Zagreb City Museum, Zagreb, Croatia

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The Water Sports Centre designed by the architects V. Turina, Z. Radić, N. Kučan and I. Seifert in 1949 was planned on the site of Delta between Rijeka and Sušak. This visionary project is one of the most remarkable conceptual designs in Croatian modern architecture. It is essentially characterized by the possibility of transforming the space with a track­sliding steel stand structure that might
move from the outdoor swimming pool through the pool hall with a circular cross­section to the athletic stadium. The swimming pool hall can be converted into a multi­purpose facility by small modifications of the floor structure.


water sports centre, swimming pool complex, movable stand, Rijeka-Sušak, Turina, Vladimir, 1949

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