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Perspective of the NEET Population in the Urban Agglomeration of Zagreb According to the Perception of Professional Experts and Youth in the NEET Status - How to Help Them?

Danijel Baturina orcid id ; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law, Social Work Study Centre, Croatia
Marijana Majdak orcid id ; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law, Social Work Study Centre, Croatia
Gordana Berc orcid id ; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law, Social Work Study Centre, Croatia

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page 403-431

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Due to the large representation of the NEET population, in 2013 the European Union drafted
the Operational plan to reduce the share of this population for the period 2014-2020. In Croatia,
ESF measures and funds are also planned. The City of Zagreb as a part of investing in social
policy, develops numerous services and programs for young people in unfavorable social position.
This qualitative research is aimed at gaining insight into the experiences of experts and
members of the NEET population on services and programs aimed to the NEET population
in the City of Zagreb in order to prepare them for employment and also on the perception of
possible service improvement and prevention of NEET status. The study involved 15 experts
working with the NEET population and 25 members of the NEET population. The results
suggest that experts recognize the challenges in working with the NEET population in terms of
motivating young people to the change and in terms of demanding work models. In addition,
institutional limitations such as insufficient coordination with other institutions, administrative
constraints and insufficient professional training of experts are highlighted by both groups
of research participants. Young people emphasize that some services and information that they
receive from professionals are useless and late, and on the other side that they have positive
experiences in obtaining professional recommendations and personal support. The research
indicates the need for systematic investment in institutions that work with NEET population
(staff, space, informatization, coordination of institutions) in the City of Zagreb. Besides, there
are highlighted needs of improvement of the content and work model of programs as well as
investment in promotion and availability of support programs for the NEET population to
enter the labor market.


NEET population, experts, urban agglomeration Zagreb, social policy, unemployment, programs and measures to NEET population employment

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