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Philosophical Consultancy or Coaching for Leaders?. How Philosophy Can Be Applied in the Business Area

Vasile Hațegan orcid id ; West University of Timișoara, Faculty of Political Science, Philosophy and Communication Sciences, Institute for Social and Political Research, Bulevardul Vasile Pârvan 4, et. 5, RO–300223 Timișoara

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The paper offers an answer to the question given by the title, starting from the revision of some specific elements of the appearance of the philosophical counsellor in the business and organisational environment, but also of the coaching as a service for the leaders, and it presents the characteristics of each one. The work makes a comparative analysis between coaching and philosophical counselling to observe the similarities and differences between the two applications that can act successfully in the field of building effective leadership in the business field. The concept of philosophical leadership is presented as a result of the application of philosophy in the business area. It leads implicitly to launching a collaboration proposal between the two practices, which can be materialised by issuing common services for the leadership, but also by taking over some specific tools from philosophy, now implemented in practice in the organisational and business area.


philosophical consultancy; coaching; business area; organisation; philosophical leadership

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