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Original scientific paper

The morphological characteristics of top female handballers

Gustav Bala ; Fakultet fizičke kulture Novi Sad
Dušan Popmihajlov ; Zavod za fizičku kulturu Vojvodine, Novi Sad

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The study involved a sample of 66 Yugoslav female handballers that were representatives of the I and II leagues and the state team. The sample was used to determine the latent dimensions from the group of 12 anthropometric variables.
The results of the study show that the longitudinal dimensionality of the skeleton is significantly expressed in top handballers (Yugoslav representation) as opposed to the two other groups. The morphological characteristics such as the subcutaneous fat tissue and the volume and mass of the body are not statistically significant in any of the groups.


handball, top athletes, women, morphological characteristics, factor analysis, variance analysis

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