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Original scientific paper

The metric characteristics of the assessment of performance for some wrestling techniques in standing position (classic style)

Josip Marić ; Zavod za kineziologiju sporta Fakulteta za fizičku kulturu Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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The investigation was carried out on a sample of 228 students attending the Faculty of Physical Education, University of Zagreb, after all participants had finished the course on wrestling. Various grasps and their efficiency were tested. The assessment of efficiency was done by 8 component judges on a scale from 1 to 5 for each participant and for each of determined by a standard procedure of the program RTT-MARK-FFK.
The obtained results show that the average correlations of each judge with the others are not less than .75 while the coefficients of representativity of the judges are within the limits .92-.98. Of the same high values were the coefficients of validity, homogeneity and reliability. The results indicate that it is justified to use these procedures for the assessment of wrestling abilities to perform wrestling techniques in Roman-Greek wrestling style.


wrestling, Roman-Greek style, marks, metric characteristics, test, techniques, physical education students

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