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Original scientific paper

The control of training of top handballers (females) in the annual training cycle

Dragan Milanović ; Fakultet za fizičku kulturu Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
Slavica Valentić
Nenad Zvonarek ; OŠ "A. Kovačić"

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This investigation was carried out on the female handballers of the first team of the handball club "Lokomotiva" from Zagreb playing in the first, with the aim to establish the quantitative changes under the influence of the training process.
The sample of variables 6 tests for the assessment of basic and specific motor abilities of female handballers. The basic measuring data in three time points were processed by method and algorithm for analysis of quantitative changes contained in the SSDIF program, by means of which reliable information as to the quantitative changes under the difference model are obtained.
The results dynamic in tests for assessment of specific motor abilities follows two basic tendencies.
The general character of transformational effects from the first to the second time point was negative. This means that the training in the interval from 12. 01. 1987 to 19. 03. 1987. with total of 66 days (46 training days and 56 training sessions with a total of 73 training hours, 13 friendly and 7 competitive matches) was unfavorable for cumulation of effects of the preparation period into a stable competitive fitness.
The second tendency may be observed in the period between the second and third time points, i. e. in the interval from 19. 03. 1987. to 28. 04. 1987., lasting 40 days. There were 32 training days and 33 training sessions with a total 43.5 training hours, 7 friendly and 6 competitive matches. In this period the test results improved in comparison with the second time point, but the test results in third time point were still on the level of those in the first time point, i. e. the beginning of the active playing period. As a result, the "Lokomotive" players in the second part of the season managed to achieve the values under the limit of sports fitness and their scores were, as well, below the expectations.


handball, athletes, women, control of training

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