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Professional paper

Drafting legal regulations in the higher education system at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic

Ivica Šušak

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The author analyzes the formulation and passing of legal provisions in the area of higher education as a public service in the Republic of Croatia during the COVID-19 pandemic. It particularly emphasizes that a public service such as higher education was not prepared for work in the extraordinary circumstances due to the life and health threatening pandemic. Based on examples from the University of Zagreb, the Croatian Department of Public Health, Civil Protection Headquarters and government of the of Republic of Croatia, acts were analyzed which were passed with the aim of implementing injunctions, orders, directives, measures and recommendations for uninterrupted carrying out of higher education activities. Particular attention was paid to the legal opinion regarding the process of selecting the heads of constituents of the University of Zagreb and the decision making process of the collective bodies of the University of Zagreb during the pandemic. It is essential that all bodies of the Croatian academic community, universities and other tertiary education institutions bring in the necessary acts whereby legitimacy and legality to the form and methodology of teaching in extraordinary, pandemic circumstances would be given.


legal provisions; higher education; COVID-a 19 pandemic; quality; recommendations

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