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Preliminary communication

To Philosophise about Dying

Peter Harteloh orcid id ; Budel, The Netherlands

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One of the founding fathers of philosophical practice, Pierre Hadot, defines such a practice as a spiritual exercise in learning how to read, write, live and die. In this paper, I want to focus on dying. How to philosophise about dying? I will approach this question from the point of view of a philosophical counsellor who meets the topic during the consultation, and I will give several examples of such consultations. I will approach the topic along the lines of the ancient Stoic tradition and distinguish the physics, logic and ethics of dying. The facts will limit and define the appropriate form (i.e. logic) and content (i.e. ethics) of the philosophising during a consultation. I will argue that we can and have to develop an attitude suiting our death. Philosophical counselling can help in developing such an attitude.


philosophical practice; philosophical consultations; death; dying

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