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Original scientific paper

Places of encounter in the essays of Dzevad Karahasan. Topology as cosmogony

Jela Sabljić Vujica orcid id ; University of Mostar Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

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The uniqueness of Dzevad Karahasan's essays resides principally on the connection between their parts and the entirety. Coherence is their fundamental formation principle. From the inaugural essay in the collection Of Language and Fear to the inaugural essay in the Book of Gardens collection there is a pattern that stretches and connects heterogeneous elements of discourse, simultaneously imprinting itself in the whole. This paper will analyse exactly the fundamental formation principles of Karahasan's essayistic. In so doing, the paper will examine to what extent is the coherence of Karahasan's essays being imprinted in the process of concretisation of the heterogeneous discursive elements, and to what extent is it already imprinted in the discourse. Such an approach seems necessary given the fact that the essayistic form must repeatedly confirm itself in every act of concretisation. Configuration is its fundamental formation principle. By analysing the inaugural essays of the aforementioned collections this paper will try to distinguish the measure of relation between the formation and the performance principles of Karahasan's essayistic. The paper will consult different theoretical insights in essay as a form, as well as Derrida's and Gadamer's hermeneutical interventions made on the concrete units of text, in order to establish the mentioned measure of relation more precisely.


essay; speech; language; coherence; configuration.

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