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Review article

Sexual and Linguistic in the Work of Adriana Cavarero: Beyond Equality and Difference

Astrid Kovačević orcid id ; Martina Kontuša 4, HR–51000 Rijeka

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The paper examines the relationship between the sexual and linguistic and their mutual influence within the fields of political philosophy, linguistics, and theory of text, in selection from Adriana Cavarero’s work. First, we begin from the knowledge of poststructuralist text theory, psychoanalytic feminism and psycholinguistics, which are later expanded with the results from political philosophy with special emphasis on ancient texts. Cavarero’s texts are being analysed to describe the features through which the relationship between gender, sex and text is established. Through a critical exploration of Cavarero’s texts and previous theoretical discussions and the analysis results, a conclusion about the influence of the sexual on language and culture and the influence of language and cultural symbols on social and gender roles is reached.


Adriana Cavarero, sexuality in language, linguistic democracy, women’s writing, psychoanalytic feminism, mother tongue, female subject, ancient texts

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