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Original scientific paper

Managing Crisis in the Tourism Industry: How Pessimism Has Changed to Optimism?

Yusuf Günaydın orcid id ; School of Tourism, International Final University, Girne, North Cyprus, Turkey
Metin Kozak orcid id ; Department of Advertising, School of Communication, Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey

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page 317-330

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This study aims to investigate how the coronavirus has resulted in harmful effects on the tourism industry and how it has most likely shaken the common traditional practices that the industry had followed for years. With a chronological order, this is a case study focusing on personal observations and also personal communication with hoteliers and retailers commencing from the early weeks to the end of 2020 in Turkey. The study has resulted in the categorization of risks, challenges and responses under 10 parts. The study also provides implications for the literature and the industry at the business and destination level altogether.


crisis management; disaster management; impact analysis; coronavirus; Turkey

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