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Preliminary communication

Security design of documents and securities in infrared and visual specters

Antun Koren ; Libertas međunarodno sveučilište
Vilko Žiljak ; Tehničko veleučilište Zagreb
Nikolina Stanić Loknar ; Grafički fakultet sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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We propose a widespread introduction of INFRAREDESIGN® technology into the production of documents, especially diplomas in higher education. The technology comes from the area of design and production of secure-print documents and securities. This paper provides an overview of the achievements of the new IRD technology with extension to printing on different materials – from paper and textiles to leather. Visual graphics printed on paper are protected by infrared graphics, which also represents extended information both in print and in digital formats. IR graphics is recognized by the IR money detector, a standard device in the control of banknote originality. The security graphic product, with the attached specimen, manifests itself in five different forms. Namely, in three digital records: visual view, infrared view and video animation presented with changes from 400 to 1000 nanometers. Furthermore, it is also recorded as the material document we can see – initially with the naked eye and then instrumentally with IR surveillance equipment.


document individualization; INFRAREDESIGN®; computer graphics; color simulation

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