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Thinking as a Political Act and Politics as Thought in Action. On the Subject of Thinking and Acting as Forms of Rational Life

Srđan Maraš ; Univerzitet Crne Gore, Filozofski fakultet, Danila Bojovića bb, ME–81400 Nikšić

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This paper discusses the relationship between rational thought and rational action, between philosophy and politics, in a perspective in which this relationship, if properly understood, turns out to be decisive for the repoliticisation process that seems to impose itself as an urgent obligation of our time. It will be shown that the ancient Greek experience of understanding philosophy and politics, transformed in modernity in a certain way, is also relevant to the contemporary emancipation of our rational life. And in this context of rational life, it is shown that thought is always a political act and politics, in turn, always presents specific thought.


rational thought; rational action; self-reflection; self-action; philosophy; politics

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