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Original scientific paper


Tanja Gotlin Čuljak ; Faculty of Agriculture University of Zagreb
Jasminka Igrc Barčić ; Faculty of Agriculture University of Zagreb
Renata Dobrinčić ; Faculty of Agriculture University of Zagreb

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The paper presents the description of 24 newly established species of aphids in Croatia that have been collected and determined during the three-year research (1996-1998) using the following two methods: Rothamsted suction trap (RST) and yellow water trap (YWT), Zagreb locality. Out of 24 species, 11 were collected and determined by IGRC BARČIĆ in the 80´s (the determinations have not been published), while the same species have also been determined during this research. They are as follows: Capitophorus horni (Börner, 1931), Cavariella theobaldi (Gillete&Bragg, 1918), Elatobium abietinum (Walker, 1849), Megourella purpurea (Hille Ris Lambers, 1949), Microlophium carnosum (Buckton, 1876), Pterocallis alni (de Geer, 1773), Uroleucon tussilaginus (Walker, 1850), Chaitophorus leucomelas (Koch, 1854), Eriosoma ulmi (Linnaeus, 1758), Thelaxes driophylla (Schrank, 1801) and Tuberculatus querceus (Kaltenbach, 1843). 13 species of aphids have been collected and determined for the first time in Croatia (GOTLIN ČULJAK): Hyperomyzus lampsanae (Börner, 1932), Macrosiphum gei (Koch, 1855), Callipterinella calliptera (Hartig, 1841), Callipterinella minutissima (Stroyan, 1953), Tinocallis platani (Kaltenbach, 1842), Tuberculatus moerickei (Hille Ris Lambers, (1972) 1974), Chaitophorus populeti (Panzer, 1804), Periphyllus californiensis (Shinji, 1917), Drepanosiphum aceris (Koch, 1855), Drepanosiphum acerinum (Walker, 1838), Drepanosiphum dixoni (Hille Ris Lambers, 1971), Hormaphis betulae (Mordvilko, 1901) and Eulachnus sp. (del Guercio, 1909). The species have been classified into 1 family, 8 subfamilies, 6 tribes and 19 genera. According to domination, the species were marked as eudominant, dominant, subdominant, recent or subrecent, while, according to the frequency of their occurrence, they have been marked as euconstant, constant, accessory or accidental.


Aphididae, aphids, newly established species, domination, frequency of occurrence

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