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Original scientific paper

Does the Truth Matter? Constructivism in Public Policy and the Concept of Truth in Michel Foucault

Tin Puljić orcid id ; PhD Student, Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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The goal of this paper is to bring together the constructivist approach to public policy and Michel Foucault's concepts of knowledge, power, and truth, and to synthetize useful insights for public policy research from that connection. First, the characteristics of the constructivist approach are elaborated, and commentary is provided on the distinction between "rigid" and "soft" constructivism, and the answers to certain criticisms of constructivism are provided. Then, Foucault's concept of truth is elaborated in detail, as well as other important concepts in Foucault's conceptual apparatus such as knowledge, power and discourse. Finally, the connection between Foucault's work and constructivism is presented. The overarching question of the paper is the question of the possibility of establishing objective truth in the area of social sciences, and the relevance of objective truth for public policy and the political field in general.


constructivism; public policy; truth; Foucault; knowledge; power

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