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Professional paper

Verification of compatibility of rules, technologies and procedures of converstion and keeping of archival records in digital form: specification of requests and practical guidelines

Kristijan Karajić orcid id ; Croatian State Archives

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page 119-136

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Croatian archival regulations (Archives and Archival Institutions Act andOrdinance on the Management of Records Outside the Archival Institutions) prescribe the procedure of the verification of compatibility of rules, technologies and procedures for conversion of archival materials into digital form. The procedure is carried out by the Croatian State Archives as the central state archives in the Republic of Croatia. It concerns a complex procedure of verification of a specific IT system for digitization which requires acceptance and implementation of appropriate standards and norms from the public authorities, other bodies or individuals in order for digitized records to be transferred in a certain way to authorised archives and consequently ensure their long-term protection. The paper provides answers to several current issues from conformity check procedures that can help public authorities and other interested parties in reconciliation of business processes and preparing documentation necessary for obtaining a certificate of conformity.


archives; digitization; IT system; form for verification of compatibility; conversion of records; certificate on compatibility; identification of risks; identification of compatibility

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