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Preliminary communication


Ksenija Mance orcid id ; Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka, Rijeka, Croatia

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The paper analyzes the “Faith of the Engineer“, which is an oath that determines the standards of ethics for engineers in the United States of America. An analysis of the oath is performed by paraphrasing each sentence in order to perceive any shortcoming in the oath, but also to define the important role of engineers and engineering in promoting „sustainable development”. This has been done through the use of the corpus linguistics, which looks at language from a social perspective and focuses on the wording of the oath. For corpus linguistics, the meaning is empirical and its object is real language data. The text “Oath of the Engineer” has been analyzed in the discourse as a whole, embedded in the context of ethics. The existing oath is especially inadequate in addressing the moral responsibility of engineers to provide a sustainable environment for the benefit of present and future generations. The paper addresses various moral dilemmas and ethical issues in a post-industrial era. The issues mentioned are to be clarified and taught during discussion in the classroom. The Oath of the Engineer challenges students to participate in discussions on engineering ethic.


oath of engineer, engineering professional ethics, canons, codes of ethics, ethical commitments, environmental sustainability, sustainable development

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