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Preliminary communication

The Primal Ideas of Mankind of Petar Stanković

Nada Bulić ; University of Zadar
Ante Matan orcid id ; Faculty of HUmanities Juraj Dobrila University of Pula

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The authors of this paper present a hitherto unpublished text of
Petar Stanković, titled Idee primitive dell’Uomo in istato di natura presso
tutti i popoli del mondo per conoscere i rapporti delle lingue e loro origine,
which serves as a treatise or supplement to his brief, annexed sixteenlanguage
dictionary. Because the philological work of Petar Stanković
is less known, this paper contributes to its research and also to a better
knowledge of Croatian lexicography in relation to European lexicography
and the general lexicographic tendencies of that time. The introductory part
of the paper offers a brief overview of the life and work of Petar Stanković
and a concise description of the contents of the text, while the central
part of the paper contains Stanković’s text in Italian, which he includes
as someone who has experience in exploring the similarities between
languages and questioning the problem of the empirical origin of language
and its connection with objects in the material world. Stanković, in using
the comparative method is in keeping with contemporary Indo-European
research. The authors conclude that this treatise should be viewed together
with the dictionary as a whole, and placed in the context of language
research as a phenomenon, philosophical traditions of the relationship of
language and ideas, and especially in the context of linguistic and classical
philological research in future research.


Petar Stanković; primal ideas; comparative historical grammar;

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