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Original scientific paper

Research of the effects of climate conditions to chemical composition and quality of apple fruit varieties in the Croatia

Ivo Miljković

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The paper presents the results of the research of the chemical composition and quality of the fruits of fifteen apple varieties from nine climatic regions in Croatia during the period 1958 - 1960. Researches have been conducted with varieties: White winter tafete, Bonapfel, Belle de Boskoop, Božićnica, Red Delicious, Jonathan, Cardinal, Reinette de Canada, Krivopeteljka, London Pepping, Belle fleur, Mašanka, Ontario, Reinette de Champagne and Reine de reinette from orchards in Međimurje (Štrigova, Željezna gora, nursery Vukanovec), Zagorje (Pregrada, Šaulovec), Zagreb (Faculty experimental stations Jazbina and Sljeme), Podravina (Agricultural school in Križevci), Slavonija (Osijek fruit growing station), Srijem (Agricultural school in Ilok), Lika (Gospić) and Istria (Pazin). The chemical composition of the fruit included the following properties: soluble dry matter, total sugars, titration acidity, malic acid and pH value. The quality score was performed on the basis of the ratio between the amount of sugar (g/l) and malic acid (g/l) according to the Thiault index. Certain variations in the chemical composition and quality of fruits were determined for the investigated varieties under the influence of climatic conditions, and especially fluctuations between day and night temperatures during ripening. The best quality in terms of the amount of sugar and acid in certain areas have been achieved in varieties on Sljeme: Belle de Boskop, Bonapfel, Reinette de Canada, London Pepping and Mašancke, in Međimurje, Zagorje and Zagreb: Belle de Boskop, Reinette de Canada, Belle fleur, Reine de reinette, London pepping and Cardinal, in Križevci: Reinette de Canada, Reine de reinette, Jonathan, Cardinal and Krivopeteljka, in Osijek: Belle de Boskop, Red Delicious, Jonathan and Reine de reinette, in Srijem: Red Delicious and Jonathan, in Gospić: Reine de reinette, Bonapfel and White winter taftete, in Pazin: Reinette de Canada, Reine de reinette, Božićnica, Cardinal, Ontario and Reinette de Champagne. More sugar contains varieties in the areas where they are ripening at lower temperatures during the night and less acid in areas where there are fewer differences between day and night temperatures. The results of extensive research are presented in tables and graphs.


apple; varieties; quality; climate

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