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Original scientific paper

Growth, yield and chemical composition of leaves of pear varieties on quince M A with different interstocks

Ivo Miljković ; Zagreb, Hrvatska
Anđelko Vrsaljko orcid id ; Sveučilište u Zadru, Odjel za izobrazbu učitelja i odgojitelja, Zadar, Hrvatska

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The paper presents the results of research on the growth, yield and chemical composition of the leaves of pear varieties: Precoce de Trevoux, Williams and Beurre Bosc on quince M A rootstock with interstocks: Beurre Hardy, Beurre d’Hardenpont and Double Philippe. Four-year research was conducted in the experimental orchard of the Agricultural Institute in Osijek. The experimental orchard was built according to the split-block scheme. By the age of eight years, the researched varieties achieved equally good vegetative development and yield. Under the influence of the interstock, no difference was found in the development and yield of the trees. The leaves of the varieties were well supplied with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Under the influence of the interstock, no differences were found in the concentration of macrobiogenic elements in the leaves of the researched varieties. The concentration of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and calcium varied depending on the variety and the year. In the fifth and sixth year of trees, the leaves of Williams contained significantly more nitrogen than the other two varieties. Throughout all four years, the leaves of the Beurre Bosc variety contain the least nitrogen. In two consecutive years, the concentration of phosphorus was significantly higher in the leaves of Williams than Precoce de Trevoux, and in one year even of Beurre Bosc. The concentration of potassium in the leaves of Beurre Bosc was, in two years, significantly higher than in the varieties Precoce de Trevoux and Williams. In two years, the leaves of the Williams variety contained significantly more potassium than the leaves of the Preccoc de Trevoux and Beurre Bosc varieties. The leaves of the Beurre Bosc variety contained significantly more calcium in two years than the leaves of the Precoce de Trevoux variety, and in one year also more than the leaves of Williams. The concentration of magnesium was the same in the leaves of the researched varieties in all four years.


pear; variety; interstocks; growth; yield; mineral composition; leaves

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