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Original scientific paper

Sexting During Adolescence (15-18 years): Motives and Impacts in the Emotional Life

Artemisi Shehu-Dono ; University of Tirana
Kris Muhaj
Arjana Muçaj

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This research comes as a scientific work of research about the motives of sexting and its emotional experiences. Sexting recently is a widespread phenomenon with many different definitions depending on the context (Klettke et al, 2013). Several research questions were raised, such as the relationship between involvement in sexting and emotional experiences; motives for engaging in sexting; the most used programs in sexting; the differences between rural and urban areas as well as between genders in sexting. The sample is comprised of 78 teenagers aged 15-18 years (39 subjects from the city of Tirana and 39 from city of Fieri). Snowball sampling was applied. A mixed method was carried out to collect the data, a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods: Sexting Motives Questionnaire, of Bianchi D, et al, 2016, α= 0.786, which enabled highlighting the involvement in sexting as well as the basic motives, and a qualitative method, two focus groups (of 26 adolescents). The findings of this study showed that engaging in sexting was associated with different emotional experiences depending on the user. Also, in terms of motives, the results showed that several motives lead teenagers to engage in sexting.


sexting; adolescence; motive; emotional impact;

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