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Original scientific paper

A qualitative exploration of patients’ experience of online psychotherapy

Blerta Bodinaku orcid id ; University of Tirana

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The aim of this study was to explore patients’ experience with online psychotherapy and integrate findings in the practice of online psychotherapy. Sixteen patients (N=16) of psychodynamic psychotherapy were interviewed after the closure of their psychotherapy process. The semi-structured interview explored the online experience compared to the in-room psychotherapy experience. Responses were analyzed using thematic analysis.
Four themes were identified: (i) satisfaction versus dissatisfaction; (ii) depth of work; (iii) practicalities versus limitations; and (iv) relationship and therapeutic alliance. The results indicate that online psychotherapy is experienced as an optimal alternative
Despite challenges, online psychotherapy appears to be a feasible method of intervention. Several factors which could have been expected to be limiting, could be overcome and used to the benefit of the process and results.


pandemic; online psychotherapy; in-room psychotherapy; patients; psychodynamic;

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