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Original scientific paper

The Relationship Between Covid-19 Exposure, Death Anxiety, and Resilience in Students (Aged 19-30)

Bylyre Serjanaj orcid id ; University of Tirana
Emanuela Bleta ; DEV – AID Association, Tirana

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The COVID-19 Pandemic confronted humanity with a new challenging reality, before which each individual would have to develop adaptation mechanisms. The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between exposure to COVID-19 with death anxiety and the degree of resilience, in students (University of Tirana). In a sample of 175 students (aged 19-30), COVID-19 exposure, death anxiety and resilience were measured with online self-administrative surveys. The results showed that COVID-19 exposure and death anxiety were related significantly (r= .181*; p< .05). A negative significant relationship was found between death anxiety and resilience (r= -.175**; p< .01), and also between COVID-19 exposure and resilience (r= -.153*; p< .05). The findings of this study suggest further research with more complicated design, necessary to determine the impact of COVID-19 exposure and death anxiety on resilience.


COVID-19 Exposure; Death anxiety; Resilience; Students; Relationship;

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