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Original scientific paper

A contribution to the knowledge of fruiting cherry shoots

Zlatko Čmelik orcid id ; Zagreb, Hrvatska
Ranka Boljak Čmelik ; Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The fruiting cherry wood consists of long and short shoots. Long shoots are mixed because they bear generative buds laterally in the basal part, and vegetative buds in the upper part. In the short bearing tree category we distinguish: a) short mixed shoots (in the basal part are generative and in the apex vegetative buds), b) May spurs (short bearing shoots without visible nodes) which have an apical vegetative bud, and laterally bear 3-5 (or more) generative buds, and c) bouquet shoots (the apical bud is vegetative, and the lateral ones are generative, but have pronounced nodes). The structure of the reproductive shoots, along with other factors, determines the reproductive habitus of cherries.


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