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Violence in Croatian Children's Series Jelenko and Smogovci

Lina Malek orcid id ; Hrvatski studiji (doktorandica), Zagreb, Hrvatska
Tina Regg ; Društvo za komunikacijsku i medijsku kulturu, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Katarina Blažina Mukavec ; Društvo za komunikacijsku i medijsku kulturu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Violence in the media in recent years has been the subject of a growing number of scientific research papers that point to the connection of violence on screen with violence in real life. Television is still a popular medium among children, and the amount of violent content on television is constantly growing in line with the development of technology and the demands of the public. The purpose of this paper is to point out the presence of violence in the famous Croatian children's series Jelenko and Smogovci. Although they are popular children's series, almost every episode analysed contains some form of violence, and physical violence is the most prevalent. Despite the fact that the number of papers on violence in the media is growing daily, there is still a lack of papers on violence in Croatian children's series, so one of the goals of this paper is to encourage further research in this area.


television, violence, Croatian children's series, Smogovci, Jelenko

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