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Original scientific paper

Job Crafting as a Determinant of Employees' Job Satisfaction, Work-Related Flow and Well-Being

Ivana Vid Vargić ; University Hospital Center Sestre Milosrdnice, Zagreb, Croatia
Dragan Glavaš orcid id ; Department of Psychology, Catholic University of Croatia, Zagreb, Croatia
Majda Rijavec orcid id ; Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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The research aimed to examine the role of job crafting in job
satisfaction, work-related flow, life satisfaction and
flourishing. A total of 275 employees (of whom 64.4% were
women), aged 20 to 53 (Mage = 32.13 (7.21)), participated
in the research. The results showed a determination of
absorption, work enjoyment, intrinsic motivation and job
satisfaction with certain job crafting dimensions, while some
dimensions of job crafting also predicted flourishing and life
satisfaction of employees. The increase in structural job
resources proved to be a positive determinant of all observed
indicators of job and general well-being. Also, an increase in
challenging job demands positively predicted all three
dimensions of work-related flow. A decrease in hindering job
demands negatively predicted, while an increase in social
job resources positively predicted job satisfaction and work
enjoyment and intrinsic motivation.


job crafting; job satisfaction; work-related flow; well-being

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