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Ismet Kalić ; vanredni profesor, FINra Tuzla
Elmir Ramić ; glavni federalni tržišni inspektor, Uprava za inspekcijske poslove Federacije BiH
Nermina Kalić ; bacc. finansija i računovodstva, asistent na FINra Tuzla

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All indicators point to a slowdown in the global economy, which is entering what could become a prolonged period of weak growth and elevated inflation. Economists' forecasts point to global inflation easing next year, but it is likely to remain above target inflation in many economies. In this paper, we investigated the management of cash flows in the conditions of a pronounced energy crisis, and the increasingly present economic crisis and inflation. In these very complex business conditions, we detected problems and challenges faced by decision-makers regarding inflows and outflows of money, both in the real and in the public sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The paper consists of four chapters, where the first chapter shows the energy crisis in its various forms, and the defined scale of the global food shortage crisis, primarily grains, as a result of the war in Ukraine and the embargo on exports to Russia. The second chapter defines the challenges faced by the financial management of the real sector, as well as current problems related to cash flow management in our companies. In the third chapter, two challenges that appear before financial management are discussed, namely credit borrowing and investment, i.e. saving temporarily free funds in our companies in conditions of energy and economic crisis, and pronounced growth of inflation. In the fourth chapter, the inflows and outflows of money in the public sector through the collection of direct and indirect taxes and the spending of budget funds at the state level, entity level and Brčko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina were investigated, and the spending or outflow of public money is significantly affected by this year's general elections in Bosnia. and Herzegovina.


cash flows, inflow and outflow of money, real sector, public sector, credit liabilities, savings deposits

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