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Professional paper

Park-Forest “Komrčar” on the Island of Rab – Condition and Valorization

Roman Rosavec ; Šumarski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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The present park-forest used to be a grazing area for the cattle of the citizens of the town of Rab. However, Pravdoje Belia, the chief forest ranger of Rab, saw a different purpose for this area and decided to have it afforested. The fiercely opposing citizens went so far as to pull out the planted seedlings, but he did not waver in his intent. His efforts resulted in an exceptionally beautiful green area, which the Nature Protection Institute in Zagreb entered in the registry of protected sites of nature as a natural reserve on March 15, 1965. According to the valid legislation, this area belongs to the category of park-forest.
The current vegetation is very different from the vegetation growing during Pravdoje Belija’s life and immediately upon his death. Today, autochthonous vegetation prevails, but is relatively severely devastated out of lack of care for its growth and development.
The entire 8,3 ha of Komrčar park-forest, containing a large number of densely growing trees, has been divided into smaller segments or plots to enable accurate measurements and obtain reliable results. The plots are limited by walking paths through the park. A total of 37 plots have been established. The floral composition has been identified in each plot (tree layer, shrub layer, the layer of ground vegetation).
It should be pointed out that the whole area of the park-forest is divided into zones for easier use, maintenance and interventions in the park composition.


biological-ecological valorization, Komrčar, management, Rab, vegetation

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