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Original scientific paper

A Study of Human Osseal Remains from Archaeological Excavations in Saint-Assumption Trinity Monastery (Staritsa, Tver District, Russia)

Andrei V Zinoviev ; Tver State University, Zoology Division

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A number of human graves have been uncovered on the course of restoration activities in Saint-Assumption Trinity Monastery in Staritsa (Tver District, Russia) in 2005-2006. Dated from the middle of XV till the middle of XX centuries, they provide the first anthropological series ever studied for the city of Staritsa and form a part of extensive studies of medieval and post-medieval population of Tver region. Osteological materials from Saint-Assumption Trinity Monastery are of particular interest because they reflect peculirities of anthropology and demography of churchmen over the period of several centuries. We have studied 163 skeletons in satisfactory and bad state of preservation.


Russia, Bioarchaeology, Paleodontology

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