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Original scientific paper

The effect of prestimulation on milking characteristics during machine milking of goat

Zoran Bašić ; Croatian Dairy Union, Zagreb, Croatia
Alen Džidić
Antun Kostelić

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Goat milking is optimal if maximum milk yield is obtained in the minimum time frame. Prestimulation influences milk yield and other milking characteristics. The aim of this study was to determine optimal milking characteristics for different times spent on prestimulation during machine milking of goats. Prestimulation of 30 s was optimal to achieve maximum milk yield and flow in the shortest time. Longer milking interval resulted in higher milk yield, milk flow, but also in the longest milking time. Milking goats in 4th parity had higher average and peak flow rate, while goats in third parity had longer milking time, with higher milk yield. The results of this study show that prestimulation time longer than 30 s is not necessary to obtain optimum milking characteristics during machine milking of goats.


machine milking, prestimulation, oxytocin, milking characteristics

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